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John The Conqueror Kit

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Considered a staple in Hoodoo, High John the Conqueror symbolizes luck, love, success and enduring spirit during tough times, including being the son of a king in the Congo but being sold into slavery.  He is also looked to for his powers in love, luck, and success.  Various forms of tools can be used to work with John the Conqueror. Forms include: root, candle, oil, powder and prayer card. He can be called upon during mediation and spell work. When calling on him, ask him for his assistance with your troubles and to bless your life with his strength.

The root has also been known to help stop depression, draw courage and protect from spells and hexes. Oils can be used to anoint candles to draw money, love and success.

Each Kit includes: one candle, one bottle of oil and three High John bills of ancestor money (not pictured)