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Just Added

John The Conqueror Kit

Each Kit includes: one candle, one bottle of oil and three High John bills of ancestor money (not pictured)

Black Salt

This 0.5 gram bag of black salt is used for protection.  Recommended use is to place it around the perimeters of your home, place it in a mojo bag with protection crystals (black tourmaline for example) and carry it with you, place it in your car.

Multicolored Candles

Double action candles come in two colors per candle.  Double color for twice the strength in the working!

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I highly recommend Love, Light and Lemonade! Speedy delivery, excellent customer service and beautifully (& safely) packaged.  The energy within the package was also so bright, uplifting and just in time for me.  Thank you!

J. Galvez

...I received my package and I can't wait to start on my new journey thank you so much for that card the words you wrote really touched me and I appreciate you for that and I honestly needed those encouraging words.

J. Thomas

Hello, so after ordering your candle and letting it burn for a few days... my credit score went up from a 650 to 815!?... just wanted to say thank you for your spell kit as it is really working!

E. Gant

You mentioned that when you do your orders you always send a personalized message. Well the message you sent me was perfect and right on time. I am very impressed, and definitely will be ordering again soon. 

K. Tate

You have great customer service and shipping is so fast!  I will definitely continue to shop with you and I look forward to watching your business expand.  

L. Reyes